Tallahassee Handyman

(352) 425-573o

Carpet Cleaning

Caulking / Re-caulking

Doorknobs and Locks

Downspout Repairs

Drywall Patching

Electrical Outlets

Faucet Replacements

Furniture Assembly

HVAC Filter Replacement

Interior Painting

Junk and Debris Removal

Light Switch Replacements

Lighting Replacements

Medicine Cabinet Installations

Picture Hanging

Pressure Washing

Sanding and Scraping

Toilet Repairs

Vent Fan Replacements

Wallpaper Removal

Water Heater Drain and Flush

Weather Stripping Installation

Window Air Conditioners

(352) 425-573o

(2o6) 356-8496

timeframer @ gmail.com

$30 per Hour + Materials

Plus mileage, if required for material purchases

Plus disposal fees, if required for construction debris

Estimate available upon inspection of job site.

My parents were real estate investors. They had me helping them work on houses as a child. After becoming a husband and a dad, I started making repairs on our own home. We ended up remodeling our condo and selling it. We then remodeled our beautiful 100 year-old house. I'm a committed problem solver and will treat your project as if it was my own family's. You'll pay less for me than the other guys because I don't take every kind of job. Only the ones I'm good at. I'm not a Contractor and don't have an office or a fancy truck to pay for. I also don't waste money advertising on Angie's List, Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, etc. I guarantee you'll be pleased with my work. If not, I'll redo it or return your money. Call me today and we'll get your project on track.

Some hiring tips:

  1. Market Rates: Research the average rates for handymen in your specific location to see how the hourly compares to what other service providers are charging.
  2. Scope of Work: Evaluate the complexity and type of tasks the handyman will be performing. More specialized or technical tasks will justify a higher rate.
  3. Handyman's Experience: Consider the handyman's experience, skills, and qualifications. Tradesmen with more experience or specialized skills usually command higher rates.
  4. Quality of Work: Check that the handyman provides the level of work that justifies the rate being charged.
  5. Budget: Ensure that the rate fits within your budget and that you are comfortable with the cost based on the services you require.

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